Helen Cook, BPW NZ Awards Chair, announced the following Awards for 2017

Alix Haywood Newsletter Award   

This award is presented at Conference to the club which is judged to have displayed the best standard of communication during the previous year, primarily through the club newsletter.  Application  here>>>

Previous Alix Haywood Newsletter Award Winners

Anne Todd Issues Award

This Award is presented at the Conference to the BPW Club that in the previous year, has most actively pursued an issue which related to improving the status of women.

Hellen Swales BPW NZ Vice President Issues presented this award to BPW Kaitaia.  

Kaitaia’s Application  Kaitaia Anne Todd Award

Previous  Anne Todd Issues Award Winners


Brooker Marketing Award

This is a trophy presented at Conference each year to a Club that has been the most effective in marketing BPW NZ through an activity they have completed during the previous year.

Hellen Swales BPW NZ Vice President Issues presented this award to  BPW Hawera for their 30th Birthday celebrations, which was “An evening with Makaia Carr, Motivate Me”.

Winners application  Hawera Brooker Marketing Award 2017

Previous  Brooker Marketing Award Winners

Community Achievement Award (Helping Your Local Community)
Each year many BPW Clubs contribute positively for the betterment of their local communities.   This not only benefits many organisations and individuals in the communities but also recognises the involvement of BPW both locally and nationally.

This award is presented by the Federation annually and is judged on the clubs participation and .involvement with the project.  It includes both annual projects and new initiatives.

Carolyn Savage BPW NZ Immediate  Past President presented this award to  BPW Huntly for their High Tea event, fundraising for local elderly care facility.

Background to application:  Huntly and Districts Community Achievement 2017 – High Tea 2016

Previous  Community Achievement Award Winners

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award was established at Conference 2013.

This award is not a competition but is intended to give national recognition to those members who may never attain leadership higher than club level but who  are the backbone of a club and therefore, the BPW NZ organisation.  She would be a member who:

  • who has given meritorious service in any capacity to BPW NZ at Club level for at least five years.
  • Goes that extra mile (or 10 thousand) working in the background,  enabling others to step up and move forward to higher levels.
  • Above all, demonstrates commitment to the Aims of BPW.

Lorraine Cameron BPW NZ IT Administrator presented this award to Carole Rodgers-Carroll of BPW Huntly and Districts.

Previous Distinguished Service Award Winners

 Harrison-Lee Membership Award  

This Award is made annually at Conference to the club that has had the highest percentage increase in membership for the calendar year ending 31st March prior to Conference.

Sandra White BPW NZ Treasurer presented this award to BPW Gisborne who had an increase of 28.57%, representing a membership shift from 42 to 54 members.

Previous Harrison Lee Candlestick Award for Membership Winners

Pauline Gapper Nepal Literacy Award

The Nepal Prayer Lamp is awarded annually to the Club that raises the most money for the literacy programme.

Helen Cook presented this award to BPW Upper Hutt.

Previous Pauline Gapper Nepal Literacy Award Winners

Club Presidents Award


 This is awarded annually by the Federation President to a Club President who has shown outstanding Leadership and ensured the health of her club, engaged with women across all sectors and continues to promote the aims of BPW. It is not a reflection on the number of members, but a reflection on the passion of the President and the women she has brought along with her on her journey.

Carolyn Savage presented this award to Leonie Sherlock from Central Hawkes Bay

Previous  Club Presidents Award Winners

Badge of Honour

BPW NZ Past President Maureen Eardley-Wilmot

Previous BPW NZ Badge of Honour Winners

50 years serving BPW BZ  Joan Bielby

Keys to Achievement Gold Awards

  • Christine Berridge
  • Lee Walter
  • Maggie Asplet
  • Ciaran Torrington
  • Janet Gibb

Badge of Honour recipient Maureen Eardly-Wilmot

Badge of Honour

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