bpw-nz-logo-clear-bkgThe New Zealand Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW NZ) is hailing the Government’s acceptance of the agreed principles of equal pay as a positive step forward.
“Over forty years after the passing of the Equal Pay Act 1972 we finally have a mechanism that will assist women to be fairly paid for their work” says President Vicky Mee.
“For too long social and communication skills, responsibility for the wellbeing of others, emotional effort, cultural knowledge and sensitivity have been undervalued when assessing work performance and valuation of work.
“BPW NZ looks forward to these principles being used to implement equal pay in caregiving work and other female dominated occupations where the work is undervalued and structural pay discrimination is common.
“Our federation congratulates the government on accepting the soundness of the Joint Working Group’s recommendations.  It is good to see reward for the sustained work of many equal pay activists, including BPW NZ,” says President Vicky Mee.
“This is good news for the empowerment of women in the workplace in the 21st century as we hold onto a vision of both men and women being recompensed fairly for the value of their work,” says Mrs Mee.
For further information or to schedule an interview please contact:
President, Vicky Mee 021 1168 948 or email president@bpwnz.org.nz
or Vice President Issues Hellen Swales 0275286799  or email  VPIssues@bpwnz.org.nz

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