Robyn and Jill women's Lifestyle Expo sept 2015 005

Robyn and Jill women’s Lifestyle Expo sept 2015

Business and Professional Women (BPW) Christchurch ventured into a new realm at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo last weekend with a membership drive. There was an amazing response from the public, showing the great need for the resurgence of such a club in Christchurch. There was a BPW Christchurch club before the earthquakes.  Federation Business and Professional Women’s clubs first started in New Zealand in 1939 and the vision continues to be “to achieve a just and equal status for women in all levels and areas of society, based on mutual respect”.
BPW is already unlocking the potential of many women giving them confidence which in itself  makes a great deal of difference in their working lives. There is the story of the two people seeing an advertisement for a job and looking at the requirements and the young man realises he only has about three fifths of the skills required but thinks “I will apply for this job I can learn on the job how to do the things I don’t know” where as the young woman looks are the requirements and thinks “I can only do four fifths of what is asked so I don’t’ suppose it is any good applying”  so doesn’t! BPW encourages women to believe in themselves.
There were many stories illustrating the need for a BPW club some of the issues are already a priority for BPW. There were people telling of 20 years in the aged care sector  with a minimal wage rise in that time. This was an issue brought to the National Conference held in Christchurch in May this year and resulted in a submission to the Minister of Health.
R Bernadette n J women's Lifestyle Expo sept 2015 008

R Bernadette n J women’s Lifestyle Expo Sept 2015

Many of the women interested in being part of BPW Christchurch were business owners who have so much to contribute and will make wonderful mentors to the  younger women starting out on career as well as to the wider society of New Zealand, being a voice for women’s issues.
The new club will have an open meeting at
Mrs Huck’s Eatery, Show Place, Addington, on Oct 14th at 5.30pm. 
Anyone who wishes to attend must contact Robyn .before Oct 9th please. Those who join up will have a say in the format of the club meetings and will decide what will be of the greatest benefit to the members.
Robyn and Brianna setting up

Robyn and Brianna setting up

Women's Lifestyle Expo Sept 2015

Women’s Lifestyle Expo Sept 2015

For further information please contact : Virginia Warren,  phone no 09 2389430  / email address
Or   Robyn Davison  phone: 02102313380
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R , B n J serving women’s Lifestyle Expo Sept 2015

women's Lifestyle Expo sept 2015 007

Women’s Lifestyle Expo Sept 2015


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