You’ve probably heard that the US Congress have just granted President Obama fast-track authority to push trade deals like TPPA. We are expecting Trade Ministers to announce a Ministerial meeting to finish the text in the next couple of weeks.

This is crunch time.
We have been working with our good friends over at Action Station to get people to call their local MP’s, let them know their concerns and ask them a few simple questions:

  1. Why is the deal being negotiated in secret? I know this is usual practice for a trade deal, but this is about much more than trade. There is too much at stake. I feel we need to know exactly what our government is committing us to, before the deal is done.
  2. I’m concerned about the effect on medicine costs, and how that will affect Pharmac. Are you concerned about medicine prices?
  3. Why are we giving foreign investors the right to sue NZ?
  4. How come Parliament doesn’t even get to have a vote?

Please head to the Action Station page, find your local MPs number and give them a call. It doesn’t matter what political party they are from, we want to put as much pressure on them as possible, and they best way to do that is by direct contact.

Get calling people!

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