United States: Women should embrace the B’s in college to make more later
By focusing so much on grades, women might be limiting their earning and learning potential. A study found that the likelihood a woman would major in fields that tend to lead to the most profitable professions dropped steadily as her grade fell. Women who received a B in Econ 101 for example were about half as likely as women who received A’s to stick with the discipline. The same discouragement gradient didn’t exist for men.
New Zealand: Youth exposed to high levels of violence in music videos
Public health researchers are calling for greater regulation and education after a study revealed one third of music videos recorded from Juice TV contained violence and violent themes. Of the violent videos recorded, 42 percent contained sexual content, with 20 percent of those including violent and sex in the same scene.
United States: Women of colour are a third of all working women, but they aren’t in corporate America
Women of colour make up just 16.5 percent of people who work for companies that are part of the stock market index, S&P 500. This number decreases the further up the ladder you go with women of colour making up less than 10 percent of managers, a measly 3.9 percent of executives, and just 0.4 percent of CEOs.
Global: Women’s rights country by country – interactive
Using World Bank and UN data, this interactive graph offers a snapshot of women’s rights across the globe. It lists legislation for violence, discrimination, equality, harassment, abortion and property and employment rights. New Zealand is listed under OECD countries and shows a lack of data in the areas of domestic violence and harassment.

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