BPW believes that increasing the number and quality of women leaders improves our ability to make life better for all women.

Leadership Opportunities

We encourage our members to take advantage of the leadership opportunities in our clubs as well as nationally and internationally. BPW NZ also provides support and skill development for women seeking leadership positions in the workplace and our communities.

At a formal level, members are encouraged to nominate and participate on club committees. There are many different roles within these committees that provide members with the opportunity to enhance their management and leadership skills.

Members are also encouraged to stand for positions on the New Zealand Executive Committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting. There are many women who have served on these committees for a number of years and have a wealth of knowledge eager to provide support to new members.

BPW NZ offers leadership training for personal development through our education framework the “Keys to Achievement”.

Young BPW

What is exciting is that Young BPW members aged up to 35 are specifically represented on the BPW Executive Board at local, national and international levels, providing an excellent opportunity for young ambitious women who want to get to the next level in their career to develop their leadership skills.

A big opportunity nationally, is for BPW members to become the Chair of one of the BPW NZ Task Forces.