BPW connects and empowers women who aspire to do more. Our membership includes women in a variety of organisations.

Connecting & Empowering

BPW connects and empowers women who aspire to do more. Our membership includes women in a variety of organisations – from small and medium sized businesses through to large corporations and from the public and non-profit sectors, as well as women no longer in paid work, influential women leaders, young career women and savvy entrepreneurs running their own show.

When you join BPW as a club member or as an individual member you become part of Business and Professional Women International (BPWI) and broad opportunities to engage, learn and participate open up.

Belonging to your local club provides regular communication about club projects and programs as well as contact details of club members to foster networking. A BPW member can attend meetings of any club across the country and even across the world.

Local, National, International

Locally, club meetings are held once a month, to allow members to socialise, participate in club events, listen to speakers that cover a range of topics, discuss issues and network. Our clubs are interactive with their local communities and the media to celebrate and create a focus on women in business and women’s issues via community newspapers.

Nationally, members are invited to attend regional meetings and leadership forums being held throughout the year which provides an opportunity to meet and network with other women in your region. BPW NZ also holds an AGM and Conference in a different part of the country each yearConference is an opportunity for members to network with clubs from all over the country as well as connect with a variety of different speakers who attend the event.

Taskforces are made up of members from across the country and usually meet online which allows individual members to play a significant role in BPW NZ’s work.

Internationally, BPW members have the opportunity to attend Asia Pacific Conference and IFBPW Congress to connect with women from all over the globe.

BPW NZ belongs to and partners with a number of different organisations that allow members access to a vast array of networking opportunities.