Personal Development

It is the vision of BPW NZ to be known as an organisation providing opportunities for women to develop and extend the skills and knowledge they need to move forward in their working and personal lives.

Learn & Apply

BPW NZ offers a secure environment for women to learn from one another, through mentoring and structured professional and personal development programs. Our members learn assertiveness, gain self-confidence, find ideas and support, gain encouragement and inspiration from the experience and achievement of fellow members and a wide range of guest speakers.

BPW NZ offers a supportive environment where women can work together to share in the personal growth and development process.

Keys to Achievement

Keys to Achievement is a structured personal and professional development program which challenges members to increase their leadership skills within BPW and the Community.

The Keys to Achievement program within BPW NZ is currently evolving to encompass the advances in society and technology.

Our new structured or formal program will be adapted into two parts;

  • myBPW – focusing on what it means to be a BPW woman both personally and professionally.
  • GROWme – is a holistic approach to building four perspectives: leadership, voice, business skills and wellbeing. Each perspective is made up of a series of capabilities. Members grow the capability by completing the associated modules.


Mentoring is one of the tools to realise the aims and objectives of BPW. Many of our members are from professions, that bring an immense source of knowledge and experience that can be shared.

Formal mentoring takes place within the myBPW and GROWme framework. Members learn in a focused way to fill specific gaps in their professional development. Many of our members are from professions.

Informal mentoring occurs at the club and Executive Committee levels. Past Presidents and Executive Officers mentor other Executive Committee Members and YoungBPW providing guidance and advice, reviewing and advising on proposed programmes and projects, events and activities and serving on task force groups.
Executive Committee members mentor clubs, and clubs mentor other clubs by exchanging ideas, information and attending regional training days.

Most importantly individual members mentor each other to provide personal and professional development through opportunities to undertake responsibilities in a supportive club environment, identifying and referring members to external sources of learning, role modelling good meeting procedure, constructive problem solving and negotiating, collaborative and inclusive processes, and professional business protocols.