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NZ Development Ecosystem Map

Thank you for your recent submission to the NZ Development Ecosystem Map survey, being delivered by InDev and the Council for International Development.

We are thrilled to be able to launch and share the map today, and showcase the incredible work you and other organisations are delivering. The breadth of organisations and opportunities for collaborations are the key drivers in developing this map. 

The map can now be accessed on the InDev Website: 

We have also posted this morning the map on LinkedIn.

Please check out the post, and reshare it to your audience to celebrate the sector and the visibility this map can bring.

On behalf of InDev and CID, we want to thank you for submitting to the map, and contributing to developing our sector, increasing collaborations and building greater opportunities for connecting. 

Whats next: the map will remain available online for you to access, if any updates or changes are needed, please use the link in the post to add new information. We will update the map each year and will be in touch in 2025.


Thank you again for submitting to the map.

Kind regards,

Joel Bird


InDev Media

Ph. +61 468 575 931  |  Email:  


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