What We Do

We work to encourage, support, advocate and undertake a number of activities which improve the quality and business life for women.

What We Do

Improve the quality of life for all women and girls.

Advocate for equal social and economic opportunities for women and girls.

Eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls.


BPW NZ enables women to develop strong networks locally, nationally and internationally. Our members share information, support, services and encouragement whilst sharing in the goals and challenges for gender equality.


We work to expand the leadership capacity of our members to enable them to make influential contributions to their community locally, nationally and internationally.

Personal development

BPW NZ offers a supportive environment where women can work together to share in the personal growth and development process.

BPW has an established record of work to improve the employment, education, economic and social conditions of women and girls. 

“Each woman, as a citizen, must bring to the national policy of her own country the contribution of forward-looking and constructive thought followed by determined action.  Each woman must dedicate herself to protect and promote the interests of all other women in business and in the professions.”

Dr Lena Madesin Phillips.  Founding President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) 26 August 1930

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