The partner organisations of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles New Zealand wish to congratulate the winners of the 2016 awards for their achievements in working to promote gender equity.
The Awards night at the Northern Club in Auckland on September 19th, Suffrage Day, was a moving occasion with our winners acknowledging the advantages their size gave them in implementing gender equality strategies.  Many organisations also expressed their willingness to work with smaller organisations to advance and promote the WEPs Principles.
It was a night when all signatories who had entered the Awards through the annual survey were acknowledged for the work they are doing to widen opportunities for women and to right gender imbalance.
Awards are made for excellence in implementing each of the seven principles and a supreme winner was also chosen by the judging panel.
The awards winners for 2016 were:
Principle 1 (Leadership promoting gender equality): Westpac Bank NZ
Principle 2 (Equal opportunity, inclusion and non-discrimination): ANZ Bank NZ
Principle 3 (Health, safety and freedom from violence): ANZ Bank NZ
Principle 4 (Education and Training): Westpac Bank NZ
Principle 5 (Enterprise development, supply chain & marketing practices):Sovereign
Principle 6 (Community leadership and engagement): BNZ
Principle 7 (Transparency, measuring and reporting): Sovereign
Supreme Award Winner: ANZ Bank NZ Ltd
Congratulations to our winners and congratulations too for so many other signatories who made big strides in their gender equity journey over the past year.
WEPs chair Vicky Mee

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