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Check out our events calendar below for upcoming events around the country organised by our membership.


A quarterly, online, evening speaker event.

BPW Aotearoa offers online sessions with opportunities for development, networking, leadership, and advocacy. We do this through the wisdom and inspiration of guest speakers and collective sharing during breakout sessions.

Our sessions are in the evening and strictly one hour, respecting that our members often have time constraints. We hold sessions four times per year.

This initiative came about because a monthly in person meeting doesn’t necessarily work for a lot of women, and there are women in parts of NZ that don’t have access to what BPW offers because there isn’t a club nearby.

Check out the next session in the Events list above.

Examples of our past events and speakers are on the right.

BPW Aoteaora Session 1
BPW Aoteaora Session 2
BPW Aoteaora Session 3
BPW Aotearoa Session Nov 2022
BPW Aotearoa Feb 2023
BPW Aotearoa Event - 22nd May 2023
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