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Awards 2024

2024 AWARDS Results

Congratulations to the clubs who entered the awards. This is always an opportunity to document some of your achievements during the past year and for us all to share in the outcomes. The judges were impressed by the standard of entries, and it made it very hard to come to final decisions.

Thank you to this year’s judges: President Janet Gibb, PP Anita Devcich, IPP Christine

Berridge, VP Rebecca Treeby, Exec Secretary Sherryll Markie-Brookes and Exec Treasurer

Natasha Dixon.

There are 5 awards which will not be presented due to either no entries being received or the entry not meeting the criteria of the award.

These are: Daphne Chapman; Pauline Gapper Nepal Literacy; Young BPW Sustainability;

Brooker Marketing; Anne Todd Issues.

We celebrate the contributions you make in our communities, and this helps us focus on BPW aims.

Winners are:

The Harrison-Lee Membership Award is presented to the club which has achieved the highest percentage increase in membership. The winner this year is BPW Franklin.

The Community Achievement Award is presented to a club for an activity or activities that they have completed in the current year.

The judges commented that the club met their project aims:

A well planned and executed event, all members were involved. Diversity of speakers and value to the community was considered. Good use of local resources to have the calibre of speakers they had. There was interaction following the event with ongoing benefits to attendees. Costs were covered and many women benefited from the event. Their aim to empower women to try something new was achieved. A successful event which took 2.5 weeks to organise. Members skills were used and good online publicity brought in 38 registrations to The Business Expo – Be your own Boss. The winner is BPW Upper Hutt

The ALIX HAYWOOD GAVEL is presented to the club which has displayed the best standard

of communication during the past year primarily through their club newsletter.

This club achieves a great newsletter. Their information, links and readability far outweigh other contenders. It is consistently packed with interesting items and distributed to a wide audience.

The winner of the Alix Haywood Newsletter Gavel for 2024 is once again BPW KAITAIA.

The Distinguished Service Award goes to a woman who fully deserves this award as she has a long history of service to her club in many important roles. The citation says it all:

She has held club secretary position for many years, having inspired a long chain of resolutions to extend her team. She hosts and organises monthly executive committee meetings and is a stalwart support. She is always first to every dinner meeting to arrange set up and a printed run-sheet for the evening’s facilitator. She takes all minutes with her skill in shorthand. She is the primary point of contact for the club and is generous with her time, helping run errands, collecting raffle donations, and facilitating communications. She is a massive support to the President and a treasured club member who works hard and long to support the club’s success. This award is presented to Janice Gammon from BPW Franklin

The President’s Award is chosen by the BPW NZ President.

The award this year goes to a President Helen Baucke of BPW Franklin. Helen has taken up the role with enthusiasm and energy. I have been impressed with her leadership inspiring members and building on the work of previous Presidents by inspiring attendance and bringing some new thinking to the club. She has also added to her workload by being more involved in our national executive.

There were four entries for Club of the Year: Franklin, Central Hawkes Bay, Upper Hutt and Kaitaia – This was an extremely difficult category to judge, and all clubs deserve to be winners – they have all achieved the BPW Aims, and it was once again a close call. The winner is a club that has a huge presence in its community. They had a well drafted entry which showed all the areas that the club was involved in both locally and nationally with an increased presence nationally. Local scholarships are working well and involvement with the school is good to see. Members take time to be a part of the national team through taskforces and consistently attend online as well as in person events. Involvement of the community in their events is high which enhances the profile of the club. They provided 3 Scholarships, contributed to a College fund, submitted Resolutions, have an active Social media, promote Red bag day and Suffrage day as well as White ribbon awareness. They met

all BPW Aims. The winner is BPW Central Hawkes Bay

Congratulations to all the winners, thank you for your contributions


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