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Friends of BPW International

Updated: Apr 17

BPW International Friends,

On behalf of BPW International, we would like to invite you to participate as a BPW Friend.

BPW Friends Program is a very special category of membership which is used to support

special BPW project, to help young BPW members and to support the aims and ideals of

BPW International. We invite you to participate again in this important program and to be

part of the goals of BPW International with your contribution and commitment.

Friends Programme Policy

According to Procedure Manual 6.2.6

The BPW International encourages affiliates and members to become Friends of BPW

International to support the organisation financially in addition to their membership dues

with an annual contribution. 

Friends of BPW was extended in 2011 to include women who are not members and men

who want to support the aims and ideals of BPW International and to be included in

celebratory events.

The annual fees for friends of BPW International is different for each category of Friend. 

The Young BPW Fund receives 10% of Friends subscriptions.

There are five categories of BPW International Friends:

Business Diamond Gold Silver Bronze Friend

€2,000  €1,000 €800 €400 €200 €100

Thank you,

International President, Dr. Catherine Bosshart


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