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Resolutions Chair - Up Date

Thank you to all those who worked on resolutions to bring to the AGM this year. We had some good discussion and debate around several of the resolutions and I thank those who brought a different perspective to the floor for us to consider on the day.

Special thanks go to PP Angela McLeod (Parliamentarian) and VP issues Siobhan Dilly (IT wizard) for their support on the day during the resolution sessions, plus all those online who were so patient as we worked through some of the voting format issues.

With a good range of topics now moved into policy it will enable us to speak on these as they come up for discussion at local, national, and international levels. VP Issues Siobhan Dilly has already used one resolution as part of those BPW New Zealand will be taking to the BPW International Congress in St Kitts later this year.

Resolutions passed for 2024:

·       Vaping Controls

·       Access to reproductive and sexual health services for vulnerable women

·       Hospice Funding

·       Professional Apprenticeships for Health Professionals

·       Enduring Power of Attorney

·       Climate Crisis Community Resilience Strategy

·       Ending online Harm

Our Internal policies were also passed, these resolutions were to archive past policy that have been achieved – due to the change in government since the resolutions were received by the resolutions committee there was a minor change to both with the withdrawal of 18.1 from those for archiving in I1 and12.16.0 removed from archiving in I2.

Once these have been added/subtracted from our policy manual you will find the updated copy accessible in the members section of the website.

I will close with a gentle reminder that if you did have a resolution passed at the AGM then your and/or your club are responsible for getting the letters written and sent into our VP Issues for distribution to ministers.

Resolutions Chair/ IPP Christine Berridge




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