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Immediate Past President's Update

Updated: Apr 17

BPW New Zealand belongs to several other NGOs within New Zealand collaborating with them writing submissions and discussing issues that affect women and girls in New Zealand. Members of our organisation attend their meetings and online forums bringing BPW New Zealand to a wider audience.

We also belong to the United Nations Global Compact which we joined in 2017 reinforcing

our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. I recently had the pleasure of

submitting our report due on a two-yearly circle (the communication of engagement) advising them of the work we continue to do under the 10 Global Compact Principles.

Much of our advocacy work fits within these goals, and it is important that we remember this

platform as we write our submissions or letters to Ministers, particularly as we get closer to

the goal of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as it reminds our government of

their commitment and the current lack of engagement within this space.

AGM 2024: As you will have seen from the information sent to the clubs we received 9

resolutions for the AGM this year. We have received some amendments to these which the

resolution committee will work through with the proposing club. Updated resolutions will be

sent to the clubs and available to you all in the AGM manual due out at the end of the month.

There will be the opportunity to review these prior to the AGM at the Resolutions Zoom meeting where we will also review the voting process with members.

Nga mihi,

Christine Berridge

Immediate Past President.


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