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Membership Taskforce Update

Updated: Apr 17

April 2024

The BPWNZ Membership Taskforce has representatives from BPW clubs across New Zealand. It is chaired by BPW Member Jenny Green with support from VP Membership, Rebecca Treeby.

The Taskforce aims to support clubs to retain members, grow membership, and in doing so provides support in the following areas:

  • suggestions clubs can use to provide opportunities for development and networking for their club members,

  • themes for fundraising events,

  • ideas for attracting new members and promoting BPW's presence in their communities, and

  • sharing BPW NZ marketing material to provide consistency and alignment with clubs across New Zealand.

We have recently had the support of a marketing professional, Young BPW Alice Kibble who is helping us put together a social media plan that will benefit our clubs hugely, so keep an eye out for our monthly task force updates like this one sent in March.


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