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President's Update

Updated: Jun 20

Kia ora koutou,

A recent trip to Adelaide included a catchup with BPW Australian President Gillian Lewis and past BPW International Exec Secretary and past BPW Australia Board member Jean Murray.

Our Australasian relationships are important to us and working together, sharing ideas and knowledge adds value to our work. Our discussion covered the upcoming trip to BPW International Congress in St Kitts and the work of BPW International, how many delegates from each of our countries were planning to attend and how could we support each other. We also talked about membership sustainability and the future hinging on our young BPW membership. Financial sustainability is another shared challenge.

Gender issues do not seem to be unique to either of us. A recent article I read “The leaf NZ should take out of Australia’s Budget” by Dr Murat Ungor of the University of Otago, states: The Australian Budget’s aims to increase the number of women in jobs and equip them with the skills needed for high-demand industries of the future should serve as inspiration to NZ.” It goes on to say that Australia’s approach in its new strategy is much more comprehensive than New Zealand’s, with its explicit and targeted economic objectives for women’s empowerment.

As Australia faces a national crisis of violence against women, its government has launched a national strategy explicitly focused on improving gender equality. You can read more here:


The 88-page Women’s Budget Statement, delivered in this year’s Australian Budget, provides a comprehensive look at the government’s strategy for addressing a wide range of gender-related challenges in Australia, including a focused response to gender-based violence.

We are stronger together than apart.

I will continue to deliver my highest value through compelling influence.

Nga Mihi

Janet Gibb

President BPWNZ

Gillian Lewis (President BPW Australia), Janet Gibb (President BPWNZ) Dr. Jean Murray (past BPW Australia Board Member)


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